1. Diane Keaton made a movie called “Heaven” where she interview peoples idea of what heaven was like and most people thought it’d be kind of like Earth but, you know, everyone’s dead. She asked if there was sex in heaven and one person supposedly said what would be the point? Do you end up with baby dead people?

    So I think to Pagelow’s weird mindset this is similar. We’ve all thought (okay, the sick and pathetic weirdos among us have thought) while looking at a roasted chicken and thought gee, what if this were a live chicken, this would be it’s legs and these would be it chest and it’d walk like this. The strip is thinking if the chicken were alive and treating the plate as its nest it’d lay eggs and hatch … baby roasted chickens.

    And …. Okay, I got nothing….

  2. Mother and Child Reunion…
    Buni is ready to enjoy a delightful chicken dinner. Zombie chicken rises, which should distress Buni about causing the death of this wonderful being. Then zombie chicken reveals eggs she has laid and are about to hatch, to shame Buni further. But finally we learn that the chickens are delighted to die to satisfy his gluttony, as are all farm animals, and reward him with extra drumsticks.


  3. I like swazoo’s suggestion.
    Where’s the joke? Well, I don’t think there is one, and I don’t think there needs to be one; I find the idea of a roasted chicken hatching (or braching) drumchicks is amusing enough.
    And Buni is laughing with delight at the cute li’l drumchicks, the drumchicks are smiling at being out in the world, and the chicken is trying to say ‘Look-look-look what I did!’ but lacks a head to do it with.

  4. The thing that’s bothering me… is the chicken is supposedly laying an egg in the first panel (and cackling a successful “brach” in the second). But it’s a roast chicken lying on its back. It should be sitting legs down chest forward back up if it’s laying an egg.

  5. I saw the word ‘braching’ then I saw ‘brach’ and I thought you guys knew a word I didn’t, so I went and looked it up.

    ‘Brach’ is an archaic word for ‘a bitch hound’.

    Okay, so it’s not the word as you both meant it, but it’s still kind of cool. So much better than ‘beeyotch’.

  6. Oh, and it’s pronounced to rhyme with ‘catch’, so it sounds like a portmanteau of ‘brat’ and ‘bitch’. This may be my new favorite word. Next to ‘guanoloco’.

  7. @ Chak – I’ve seen that word in print, probably in the first part of T.H. White’s “The Once and Future King“, but now that I think of it, I’m not sure whether it was in the original version, or the German translation.

  8. The Fool in KING LEAR:
    “Truth’s a dog must to kennel; he must be whipp’d out,
    when. Lady the brach may stand by th’ fire and stink.”

  9. I dunno guys, I just read the “BRACH” as a burp/belch (coming from the neck hole, no less!) and everyone in the comic cracked up, because burps are funny…


  10. The headless bird is actually screaming with silent yet bloodcurdling existential angst – if it had a mouth and we could hear it, we’d all be dead.

  11. Title of Harlan Ellison book, ‘I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream’ . . . claustrophobic to say the least.

    PS: TBS – have you actually seen ‘The Bad Seed’? Is that where your moniker comes from? Or . . . ?

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