1. After reviewing 75 years of Batman logos, I figured out the defect here: it’s asymmetric. All of the “real” logos have an odd number of points, Wayno’s version is the only one with eight.
    P.S. “Come for the comics, stay for the excrementalist philosophy.

  2. Again with the toilet humor. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Is it just me or do these two characters seem a bit…short in stature?

  3. Grawlix is right, but I’m not sure why they seem “small”. Perhaps because the bodies are not in correct scale with the heads?

  4. Reminds me of one of the more unsettling TV commercials, although they had to substitute the more family-friendly “street rat crazy”:

  5. @MiB: At least in his Mark Hamill iterations, Joker usually calls Batman “Bats” when speaking to him directly.

    As for the phrase that isn’t family friendly, I prefer guanopsychotic.

  6. I always thought that part of the appeal of Batman was that all of his villains are insane, and he’s right behind them.

  7. “I always thought that part of the appeal of Batman was that all of his villains are insane, and heโ€™s right behind them.”

    Well, there’s the Mad Hatter,and Crazy Quilt, and it’s right in the name for both of them. I think the Ventriloquist is pretty clearly insane (DID), and Harley Quinn probably has a touch of DID as well. The Clock King is clearly obsessive-compulsive. But there’s also a list of Bat-villains that are NOT insane… all of the organized crime characters, for example. Killer Croc probably isn’t insane, just misunderstood.

    Bats isn’t insane, he’s just focused. Really, REALLY focused.
    (One of the reasons I can’t accept the Nolan version of Batman in its entirety is the ending of The Dark Knight Rises. A Batman that can, and does, just walk away from being Batman? No sale.)

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