1. I never did get the psychology behind the whole digging one’s own grave bit. Seems as if someone who knows they’re about to be shot dead anyhow would have nothing to lose by getting it in the process of trying to hit their killer with the shovel.

  2. Bobpeters61, the whole “digging your own grave” thing might be one of those TV/movie tropes that never happens in real life. It does remind me though of the parent who disciplines their child by making them find a tree branch to serve as their own whipping tool. I probably would not have believed that really happens if I hadn’t seen it myself when I was a kid.

  3. @ Mark M – I wasn’t going to comment on it before (because it made me think that the comic was a little sick, rather than funny), but there are photographs taken during WWII that prove that this sort of evil really did happen. However, in defense of the squirrel (hard to believe that anyone here would ever defend a squirrel), it’s clear that he is never actually going to shoot. Squirrels are fairly careful to bury only intact nuts. Damaged (cracked) ones are eaten immediately (the squirrels know that they will not keep), and those that already smell “off” (i.e., moldy or rotten) are simply discarded.

  4. Unlike a person, wouldn’t the acorn want to be buried?
    @bobpeters61 – If the person holding the gun is standing 10′ away, good luck hitting them. And while death might be inevitable for the person about to be killed, I think the idea of cooperating is that you hope for a quick and merciful death. Refusing to cooperate could result in being tortured until you agree to dig.

  5. I only see seven Secret Symbols in the Bizarro cartoon. From left to right, approximately: Dynamite, O2, Eyeball, Bird, K2, Crown, Pie. I see no Flying Saucer, Bunny, Loafer, Arrow, or Fish. Is the stick in the picture a new Secret Symbol maybe?

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