1. “Apartment 3-G” was added to my local newspaper as one of a group of changes to the comics pages, and maybe my first understanding that the lineup was impermanent. This may have been around when the strip began, as I think the startle of having a new comic strip to adjust to was made easier by their in-strip efforts to do introductions and back-stories.

    What I don’t see in the Wikipedia article ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apartment_3-G ) and didn’t understand at the time but realized later, is that the “3-G” was chosen because the roommates were “three girls”.

  2. (I also was late to understand that “Brenda Starr, Reporter” was supposed to be a star reporter. I probably had stopped reading it for several years before that dawned.)

  3. There were several “soap opera” type strips in the comics pages of the local paper when I started reading them regularly. I could never understand why they were there. They’re not funny, and I’ve literally never talked to anyone who said they’d read any of them. (I’m not old enough for adventure strips like Terry and the Pirates, I’m talking about Judge Parker, Apartment 3-G, and there was another one but I can’t pull its name out of my head right at the moment. But when they’d run polls to decide which strips could be cut to make room for new strips, they’d never even be listed as options to vote for (against)… removing them was not even considered.

  4. The classic is Mary Worth. There is also Judge Parker and Rex Morgan MD. All frequent fodder for The Comics Curmudgeon.

  5. GIL THORP also qualifies as a (not intentionally funny) soap opera strip. Several comics which profess to be funny (even if that’s their delusion) have soap opera elements as well, including FUNKY WINKERBEAN; GASOLINE ALLEY; and FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE (the last one for years now just rechewing old plots with the same, if slightly repolished, old teeth). There are also a number of long-running adventure strips with some soapy elements which are still appearing with new work, notably DICK TRACY; MARK TRAIL; THE PHANTOM; and PRINCE VALIANT.

    As Brian in STL notes, however, MARY WORTH; JUDGE PARKER; and REX MORGAN M.D. are pretty much The Big Three of the allegedly serious pure soap strips, and are red meat to Comics Curmudgeon snarkers.

  6. “Sally Forth” is one that morphed from joke a day to having significant serial elements. Which the commenters on Comics Kingdom are just THRILLED about. Enthusiastic affection like, “Oh no, ANOTHER wall of words!”

  7. I didn’t completely follow the story in the song in the clip. What was the resolution of the noise problem? Was it just the narrator asserting herself by yelling out “Stop!” and that got both vertical neighbors to stop? Or was she somehow playing them against each other?

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