Just FYI

I am way behind on e-mail, and am likely to remain so for the remainder of the month. On top of that, as I mentioned in another thread, I just discovered that GMX has been shunting a bunch of messages directly into the Trash folder.

Not Spam. Trash.

No clue why, but I’m going to have to do some virtual dumpster-diving.

Please rest assured that no e-mails are being ignored, even if they’re not getting responses.


  1. GMX has settings on its spam filter that lets you select how to treat “suspicious” messages. They can be marked, or placed in a spam folder, or deleted immediately. I don’t trust GMX’s filtering, so I have my account set to put a warning in the subject line, but deliver the mail to the normal inbox.

  2. Usually suspicious do go to Spam (“suspicious” using being as nebulous as it is here on CIDU), which is no big deal. Only the blindingly obvious trash goes into Trash — though apparently one or two e-mails a month have ended up there as well.

    If I changed the setting, though, I’d be overwhelmed by the volume of suspicious mail I’d have to sort through.

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