1. I read several articles that said that a good, secure password would have capitals and symbols and also use letters that make no sense to anyone but you. Say using the first line of the pledge of allegiance (if you are in the U.S., then again, it might be even better if you were not) – ipattf would make no sense,but if you forgot the letters, you can look the pledge up to help you out. I use a sentence from a book with that can be looked up if I need to and for my email I put a different first and last letter for each email. I throw in a capital letter as one of the letters, and a symbol in the middle. (And no, the pledge is not my password for anything.)

  2. Oops that was Meryl A that posted. I posted somewhere else today also that must have the wrong name – husband has been trying to set up my laptop to run linux off a DVD as it runs so slowly that it annoys him and I am very slow at putting out $500 for a new laptop. I have fixed it for future posts. See – my backup list had the wrong info.

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