1. Normal cocoons just have room for a caterpillar. This one is larger and more comfortable, so the caterpillar can enjoy metamorphosis with a cup of tea in front of a wide screen television, with an aspirational picture on the wall.

  2. You see that as “aspirational picture”? I had it pegged as “mom”. Though, of course, it could be both, I suppose.

  3. Damn Millennial caterpillars, not leaving the cocoon (well, chrysalis), with their fancy tea and TVs….

  4. Yes, I believe Usual John has explained it. Also, a few years back, “cocooning” was a so-called trend. Instead of going out to hit the clubs or meet up for dinner, it was fashionable to stay home and be cozy with a good book, TV, music, etc. Something people have been doing forever without giving it a name.

  5. “Something people have been doing forever without giving it a name.”

    SOME people have done this. What changed was that more of them were doing so… the fun things you can do at home have increased… our TVs are big now, so it’s no longer necessary to go to the theater to watch a movie on a big screen. Simultaneously, a subset of people who are out aren’t really, since they’re in a little bubble centered on their handheld communications device.

  6. Recalling an ancient Cathy strip: While Andrea and husband celebrate a baby-centric Christmas, Cathy hangs mistletoe and schemes to wring a proposal out of Irving. The narration boxes were something like, “Families create a cocoon of love and warmth for the holidays. Single girls create a roach motel.”

  7. I see it as failure to launch. He’s just going to live there as a caterpillar for the rest of his life and never change into a butterfly or leave the cocoon. Or chrysalis, if he’s supposed to be a butterfly.

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