1. This is nothing more than a role reversal between the parents and their son who is still living with (and sponging off) them. Given the minimal effort that the artist put into drawing this strip, I suggest we don’t put in too much effort discussing it.

  2. “Don’t wait up” translation: “Go the $^%& to sleep already, you lazy good-for-nothing!”

  3. Ummm, contextually “Don’t wait up” just doesn’t fit. That’s what you say when going out. Here they would say “Don’t stay up too late”. Whether or not there is a role reversal.

  4. I agree with Mitch4…You wait up when someone has gone out and you want to be awake when they return. I’ve NEVER heard “Don’t wait up” used in this context. It makes no sense; what would you be “waiting up” for?

  5. ” what would you be “waiting up” for?”

    For them to come down again.
    You also “wait up” when you have gotten too far in front of some of your companions, and need to pause to allow them to catch up to you. I don’t think that meaning is relevent here, either.

  6. I think this is a reference to the guy the parents had to evict. Even through the crude art, there is a resemblance.

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