1. Steve Melcher is excellent, as always.
    I don’t get the Parisi, probably because I don’t order fast-food drinks. Is it maybe customary to write the customer’s name on a drinking cup so it goes to the right person?

  2. It’s become something of a trope that the employees of a certain famous and ubiquitous coffee house are incapable of getting even the simplest names right. This joke is at least a somewhat different take, although it only works in American English.

  3. Sandham’s “The Coming of the Loyalists” might have been more appropriate for Canada Day.

  4. Oh, and I meant to point out that in the 1880s cyclists (1st panel above) were likely regarded with a similar sort of trepidation reserved for hot rodders in the 1950s and motorcycle gangs.

  5. There are plenty of photos of mixed up names on coffee cups. Someone named Marc specified “Marc with a C” and got “Cark”.

  6. I guess I just assumed that some dude picked them up and carried them there.

    With beautiful grace, of course.

  7. When Det. Murdoch (in Murdoch Mysteries) a show filmed in Canada and taking place in turn of the last century Toronto rides a bicycle it looks much more like a modern one – then again, he they have fax machines, flying machines, “finger marks” and all sorts of other anachronisms.

  8. “husband and I have always wondered – why and how the sneakers are hanging on wires.”

    Shoe lynching.

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