1. It’s funny because old people are stupid and their family members hate them.

  2. If space was the problem, why not eliminate the van altogether and put “Tech Support O Grams” on the back of his shirt instead?

  3. “It’s funny because old people are stupid and their family members hate them.”

    They don’t hate them. They just don’t want to explain how to make a Skype call again, or explain why all those extra toolbars are in the browser window, or why “Sara from Microsoft” keeps calling on the phone about “dangerous conditions on your home computer”, or why that dialog box keeps popping up asking to install updates, even though you keep saying no, don’t install.

  4. “why not eliminate the van altogether and put “Tech Support O Grams” on the back of his shirt instead?”

    It wouldn’t have fit, unless the tech support guy was redrawn to be twice as wide, which presents its own perspective problems.

  5. Or put “Tech Support O Gram” in a box at the bottom, or bottom-right, and leave the driveway empty.

  6. I don’t see a perspective problem. That’s not the driveway, that’s the side road at the bottom of the slope.

  7. I halfway agree with Bob Ball. Yes, it seems there is a long and high slope to the lawn as it descends from the house to the relatively distant street. But to me it is a perspective problem that we have no visual indicators of that besides the size of the van in the picture plane. Maybe Price’s technical resources don’t include the kind of quasi-gradient shading that would do the job, but there are other tricks she could have used.

  8. There is a tree, mostly hidden by the speech bubble, that is supposed to add perspective to the size of the van

  9. She’s been doing this for nearly 30 years. You’d think she’d figure of few things out. That’s one of the *worst* perspectives I’ve ever seen.

    Yes it’s suppose to be on the street down a slope but there is no indication the green “median” is sloped or the house is on an hill. In fact the angle of the house matches a flat ground. *One* slightly curved line on the lawn would have changed all that.

  10. The perspective is confusing, but I can see this being the sort of thing where if you already have in your head that the truck is on a lower road, you draw it, and then everything looks right to you when you look at it. Sort of like how when you reread you have trouble seeing your own typos.

  11. I agree with Bob Ball also. I also think it is from the old guy having a big lawn he can tell kids to stay off of.

  12. The problem was a lot less evident in black & white in my newspaper; I didn’t even notice the van seeming small, while it seems obvious here. The color seems to make the lawn appear flatter somehow.

  13. Now I realize that it’s a Sunday comic and it was also color in the paper—nonetheless, the size issue seems less evident on paper.

  14. The van may be on the road at the bottom of the slope but the wall of the house goes all the way to that same road.

  15. Of course the van’s tiny. A full-sized van for tech-support would weight much more than 0 grams. Come to think of it, even that tiny one must be full of helium. 😀

  16. The trend in modern IT is, as it has been for decades, towards miniaturization. We can put an entire desktop computer into a space smaller than what we used to need for just the disk drive.

  17. Like they used to say, if cars had progressed in development like computers, they’d go 300 million miles per hour and get a billion miles per gallon of gas.
    And they’d be a tenth of a millimeter high and they’d crash a lot.

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