1. It would have been the domestication of dogs except B.C. is an idiot. ??? That’s all I can come up with.

  2. The expression of the guy in the 2nd panel looks happier: because he anticipates something more from the dog ? But the dog was just content sitting next to him for a short while. A comment on blasé people ?

  3. I was expecting that the dog went there to mark the rock, but there’s no evidence of that in the fourth panel.
    P.S. @ jjmcgaffey (2) – B.C. usually had red hair (when it was colored at all). This is probably supposed to be Thor.

  4. Wolf /is/ domesticated, and Thor’s the one who did it (or stumbled into it). But that doesn’t explain the joke.

  5. I just took it as the guy thinks he has a new pet friend in the second panel and then is disappointed in the last panel when it leaves. The “whatever” is just a short way of saying “I really didn’t like you anyway” ala the fox in Aesop’s Fox and the Grapes story.

  6. The human found the wolf/dog to be a comfort animal, but the vice was not versa.

  7. I believe you’re over thinking it. when i sit in parks I have often been “visited” by chill unknown dogs who just sit near me for a while and then leave. for some reason it’s always lab or golden retriever mixes. the goofy grin on the dog gives it away. FWIW my dogs at home also do this. they come in to where I’m working, lay down for a while and then leave.

  8. Maybe Thor (?) is just assuming that B.C. readers are the kind of salt of the earth folks who like cute dogs, wuzza wuzza, and that simply having such show up, even if it doesn’t do anything, will boost the ratings/warm feelings? But he’s cynical enough to let us know that he knows that we know that’s what he’s doing?

    I’m a cat guy myself, but I’m also not a regular B.C. reader, so if that’s the idea, it didn’t work on me.

  9. Wafterthinmint;

    I guess that’s supposed to be a common enough experience that we are expected to recognize it. (It has happened enough that when you mention it I guess I recognize it but not enough for me to want to consider it a “thing” [how long is saying something is a thing going to be a thing, do you think?]). So I guess that we are supposed to recognize it and have a sympathetic vibration at the idea of a comic strip recognizing it is supposed to be a joke (as in a “hey, me too! I recognize it so my body reacts in a way I could mistake for humor if I don’t actually analyze it” way.)

    That’s really not much of a joke but is a pretty standard for strips these days. I just don’t think dogs sitting next to you, going, and us blowing whatever raspberries really is *that* common a thing and not common and comfortable enough to evoke the sympathy “let’s pretend it’s humor” recognition.

  10. Going through this with a cat in my yard right now. Comes, eats, rolls in the dirt and covers himself in leaves, pees on my barbecue, leaves… left with a vague sense of … so, do we have a connection? or is this just something that happens?

  11. I thought this was along the lines of an ‘anti-joke’, like: Q – What did the farmer say when he lost his tractor? A – Where’s my tractor?

    You’re anticipating something to happen in the comic (probably uric or scatological given the scenario), but then nothing does. Whatever. In this light, for the first time in a long time I actually smirked at BC.

  12. How is that a joke? In the same way Garfield is not impressed by something Odie considers a huge accomplishment. In the same way Charlie Brown says, well, anything.

  13. Imagine if the wolf was instead a cartwheeling clown or a man running by on fire, with his response being a blasé “Whatever’. Not a joke, really, but some of us sometimes delight in delivering a shrug and a “whatever” instead of the anticipated response. As a matter of fact, I got a tattoo of “whatever” on my wrist last year, to remind me to say it more often.

  14. @ TBS – I need exactly the opposite: an antidote to keep my son from saying it so often.

  15. Having rediscovered this subject (with Winter Wallaby’s help), I’d like to add that I struck a deal with my son: he agreed to stop saying “whatever…” if I would do the same.

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