1. Older man to younger (job interview? parent?): “What are your short term goals?”
    Younger man: “To tie you up in the woods where you’ll never be found.” (Demonstrates)
    Older man: “OK … what about long-term goals?”

  2. I like Brian D’s answer. I was just going be my sarcastic self and say: “What about long-term goals” is something that people in offices say at meetings and by my “Making modern one-panel cartoons by rote and formula” book that is enough.

    But Brian D’s answer actually made me chuckle.

  3. He’s asking whether his captor has really thought this through. Once his captor thinks through the question, he will relent.

  4. The younger man wants to take over the older man’s job of being the boss/CEO of the company. But instead of waiting 10+ years for the current boss to retire, he’d rather turn it into a “short-term goal.”

    Which, in an absurd fashion, raises the question, “What are his long-term goals?”

  5. If this was set in England, then the boss could ask :What about long term gaols?” because eventually the trees will die and rot, while an iron and stone prison would be long-term.

  6. The fact that they’re both in suits makes it look like a job interview gone wrong, but I think it would have worked better with the ‘dad’ in a suit and the ‘son’ in casual clothing.

  7. This has nothing to do with the current cartoon, but … my favorite Mr. Boffo cartoon was a panel showing the hapless guy at the end of a long line snaking up to the executioner’s platform. He’s making a note to himself: “Long term goals: don’t trip on the stairs.”

  8. ranedeer’s comment makes sense – in the short term, tying up the guy and leaving him in the forest will get the guy out of his hair in the short term, but the long term questions – like “whatever happened to that guy” and “who is going to do the job that guy used to do?” need to be dealt with. The guy being tied up is trying to point out that the other guy is going to regret the action…eventually.

  9. “OK…what about long-term goals?”
    “To have a Bill Bickel tied to each tree in this forest until there are none left to muck up my email!”

  10. Thanks, Tree! ☺
    Wait a minute, are you one of the trees with a BB tied to him/her?🌳

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