1. She loves a guy named Steve, who is going to beat the crap out of Peter, but to be sporting he gave Peter’s messenger bird a three minute head start.

  2. I agree with Woozy. But can someone parse Peter’s question for
    me? I can’t get it to make any sense.

  3. Homing pigeons (and presumably whatever this bird is) only work in one direction. If it was her bird he had, he could send her a message. To send him back a message, she had to have one of his. Seems to me, there was definitely something going on between them and she was indiscreet.

  4. Arthur: I don’t think it’s really parsable. I think the author was trying to come up with a question that sounded like “how great is our love?” but could then – surprise! – be answered as an question with an alternate reading of “who is your lover, who goes around beating up his competitors?” But the result was just a really unnatural sounding question.

  5. Ever the problem for the poet… while he was busy writing the epic poetry to demonstrate the depths of his love, someone else who didn’t have tho write it down first showed up and swept her off her feet.

    Peter has written a love epistle to his intended, only to discover that she already has a boyfriend, and he’s the jealous (and violent) type.

    Singapore Bill, consider migratory birds… they fly back and forth, over great distances, over the course of the year. The cartoon doesn’t suggest a time period (except for “three minutes”), but then again, BC as a strip isn’t known for time-period-accuracy, either.

  6. @ Singapore Bill – I just discovered a new definition for “geezer” – someone who cannot remember what they just went down to the basement to go get, but nevertheless instantly recalls that the turtle-riding creature in “B.C.” is called a “dooky bird”.

  7. It may not have a CIDU tag, but Bill filed it under CIDU. It’s very possible that he simply forgot the tag.

  8. That is, “category” as against “tag”.

    Somewhere, probably in “Random comments”, we’ve had a little discussion of the distinction, and whether it really makes a difference.

  9. The question was hard to parse but after reading it three times I figured it is “Question: What (who has) love (for you) would conquer (all obstacles) (or would go to the) ends of the earth for you? Answer: Me (mine) (I will) (My love will)”.

    It’s surprisingly badly written for such a simple concept in that no phrase or clause correctly matches *any* other.

  10. It’s tagged “comic strip”, “comics”, “humor” and has no accompanying text. So if it isn’t a CIDU there is no explanation as to what it *is* noteworthy of.

    And I did look (I’m irrationally afraid of explaining a joke that no-one misunderstood) and say the category CIDU.

  11. NONE of the CIDUs have CIDU as a tag – just the category. Same for LOL, Oy, eew, etc. The tag wasn’t forgotten, it doesn’t exist (as it is redundant).

  12. He’s stating “what love” as in “How do I love thee, let me count the ways”…..She’s saying ” what love?” why Steve of course, who is going to come and set you straight for continuing to seek affection where none is offered in return….

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