1. Is that supposed to be a sesame-seed bun? They seem oddly colored.

    The Rhymes With Orange made me laugh. What have those people been doing that has left their Alexa so traumatized?

  2. There’s some really good ones this week. I had to think for a minute about the second one (the one that looks like the lovechild of Kliban and Unger; Cornered?). And I keep forgetting to add That Is Priceless to my list.

    @Brian: I’m not sure I’ve ever seen sesame seeds on a hot dog bun. Maybe bits of roasted onions?

  3. A really good batch!

    Briefly I doubted the comments about not finding sesame seeded hot dog buns. But you’re right, what I’m recalling having frequently are poppy seed buns.

    Also glad to have another data point for my observation that Cornered a lot of the time indeed takes place at a corner.

    Alexa is distressed because her people just give her orders and never say please and thank you.

  4. “@Brian: I’m not sure I’ve ever seen sesame seeds on a hot dog bun. Maybe bits of roasted onions?”

    I thought about onion roll, but the bits the one in the comic are all rounded on one end and pointed on the other other. Usually the onion bits are little rectangles.

    I found a few examples of sesame buns:

  5. My first thought was celery seed, but I think they are poppy seeds. Bling!
    I especially liked the “cuff him” one.

  6. Classic “Chicago Style” hot dog prep includes celery salt, so I don’t think the bun would have celery seeds embedded. But now I wonder what kind of bun is standard for that. The picture in the article at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chicago-style_hot_dog seems to have tiny round black bits, which I take as poppy seed. Oh wait, it does even say that: A Chicago-style hot dog, Chicago Dog, or Chicago Red Hot is an all-beef frankfurter[1][3] on a poppy seed bun

  7. When Alexa asks a yes/no question, I will usually answer with a “thank you” appended, (I was raised in the South, after all.). She will occasionally respond with “you’re welcome.”

  8. As it happens, we had take-out “Chicago-style” hot dogs for supper last night (and Mrs. Shrug, who didn’t finish both of hers then, just had the leftover one half an hour ago). And yes — poppy seed buns. Yum.

    If you’d like me to do any further research on the hot dog, hamburger, french fry, pizza, taco, etc. front, I can probably be rather easily persuaded.

  9. Of course, if Mr. Bling Weiner *really* wanted to shock the conformists at the party, he should have gone as a Chicago hot dog — but slathered himself in ketchup.

  10. My mother has an Alexa and she always says “Please” and “Thank you” to it. Or her. “The lady in the tube” she calls it.

  11. The Catwoman comic reminded me of an insurance commercial in which two guys in a car in the woods get a wildcat off the hood of their car by getting it to chase a laser pointer beam into the underbrush.

  12. “My first thought was celery seed, but I think they are poppy seeds.”

    Poppy seeds are tiny and nearly spherical. Those don’t look like them to me.

  13. In addition, poppy seeds are black or at least dark gray (but the colorist probably wouldn’t have gotten that one right, either). The shape evidence is strongly in favor of sesame. If they aren’t that common on buns, that’s all the more reason for the other “dogs” to worry about his weird attire.

  14. They don’t (and never have), but without that clumsy hint, the strip would have been an instant CIDU to all but the most geezerly of readers.

  15. “My first thought was celery seed, but I think they are poppy seeds.”
    Yeah, I meant they looked like sesame seeds. And just now I had to correct it because my fingers keep typing poppy seeds. I had been looking at Chicago dogs so I had poppy seeds on the brain.

  16. It’s been 5 years since “Her” came out so I’m not surprised that these audio devices got together and established a support network; it beats having them all resign and go away after interfacing with an Alan Watts Web site.

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