1. Note the hand the guy is making the “L” with, and the direction it’s reading.

    Comic is playing with irony, I believe.

  2. Not to mention the triply incorrect spelling of “looosers”, substituted here in place of the unbelievably epidemic “loosers” error.

  3. @Kilby: I thought the extra o just meant he was drawing out the word. Maybe a few more would have made that clearer. But why are those two guys dressed like they’re in an early 70s rock band while ineptly offering a 90s insult?

  4. To me, they are all losers. But everyone needs someone else to look down on. In groups and out groups, etc.

  5. @Big Chief: I believe that that is a parking lot surrounded by a sidewalk. That it is inexplicably colored blue is probably a colorist decision that it had to be something other than black.

  6. Perhaps the idea is that he’s inadvertently calling himself and his companion losers. Their outfits seem as if they should mean something, though. That’s even a peace sign belt buckle, unless my eyes deceive me.

  7. ” I believe that that is a parking lot surrounded by a sidewalk.”
    I concur.

    ” Their outfits seem as if they should mean something”
    I believe the clothing choices are intended to reflect items that were once at the height of fashion, but have since decreased substantially in popularity.
    This would reinforce the idea that the speaker is trying to elevate himself but does not realize that he is ALSO a “loooser”.

  8. Battle of the Hip? Hippies vs. Hipsters? Post-boomers vs. post-millennials? All I’m sure of is that that there blue thing is a parking lot, not a pool. 🙂

  9. After reading the above, I think the collective mind has it. The two gits in the back–one with what might be a mullet and a peace-sign belt buckle and the other with hipster douchebag facial hair and a crewcut, are making fun of two geeks (one of whom is turned toward us so we can see that they’re geeks).

    The only problem is that geeks are much less losers nowadays than these two, not to mention that he’s doing it wrong.

    Oh, and that it’s stupid and not funny in any case.

  10. “Is there any significance to his hand having six fingers?”

    Maybe an homage to Virgil Partch.

  11. I believe you guys, I really do, but squint as I might, that still looks like a swimming pool. I used to think that if I didn’t understand the joke in a comic, it was my fault, but seeing some of the examples here over the years, I know now it’s not me. This one’s a mess.

  12. Big Chief, I saw a swimming pool at first too. But then the white lines cleared it up that it was a parking lot. Sure a pool can have lane designations painted on the bottom, but they generally go all the way across the pool.

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