1. It’s not useful that his bike is fixed when he’s stuck on the moon. It’s like rain on your wedding day, or a free ride when you’ve already paid.

  2. I think it’s kind of sad. Lio’s got himself a rocket ship, has flown all the way to the moon, and has landed safely (the ground is rumpled, but the ship looks intact). A major feat, yet his dad has no idea. The best thing about his own son’s life that he’s aware of is that his bike is fixed, which he did himself. Poor Lio.

  3. Actually, is it the moon? If so, what’s that in the far right of the second panel? Maybe Lio’s on an asteroid! An even bigger accomplishment! Well, a first, at least. Poor Lio.

  4. “With that curvature, he’s on an asteroid”

    Can’t tell. Could be he’s just on a rounded feature of a much larger object.

  5. He’s in Spaceman Spiff mode but that’ll pop like a balloon now that his bicycle is fixed.

  6. “I think the thing at the far right of the second panel is the sun.”

    I don’t think it’s the Sun. If it was, then only the right half of the Earth would be lit up from our vantage point. If it was in the distance beyond the Earth, then we would see more of a ‘crescent Earth’.

    The Sun could be lighting up the Earth like that if it were ‘between’ the Earth and whatever Lio’s standing on, but at that scale the Earth would be so small we would not be able to see it without the use of a telescope.

    I think it’s most likely that the Sun is ‘behind us’ making a full Moon, a full Earth and lighting up the top (relatively speaking) of Lio’s asteroid.

  7. Lio’s dad, almost always seen padding around the house unshaven and in underwear, is the sad one. He has some notion of his son’s strange interests and monstrous friends, more resigned than scared or shocked. For a while there’d be periodic visits to his wife’s grave, which Lio took seriously.

    One of the few continuities in the strip had Dad suddenly bright, shaved, and fully dressed. He was dating an attractive lady. Of course she turned out to be a carnivorous alien in disguise, and Lio had to expose her. Back to status quo.

  8. I don’t know what kind of weather we had… it was indoors… but it was January in Oregon, so probably raining. No luck. I have a cousin whose weather I do recall, because it rained buckets, and also no luck. People who can make such a choice often choose to hold their weddings at times when the weather will be expected to be good… May, or June.

  9. Sunny and warm the whole day for us, and together for 27 years (although only 16 married…still). You know, I’m starting to think there isn’t much to these superstitions.

  10. I’d say the “rain on your wedding day” thing largely depends on whether it’s an outdoor wedding with no contingency plans.

  11. I don’t think the details of the wedding have much to do with the outcome of the marriage. I think people spend far too much time working on details of weddings, and I think that the reason for that is people who have a profit motive in convincing people that trivial details of weddings will have a lasting effect.

    My daughter is planning a wedding; I am blissfully uninvolved in that planning.

  12. The reason I remember it rained was that one of our bridesmaids’ brother was married earlier in the same day – outside – and it was mess due to the rain. (Yes, she made it to both weddings.) It stopped – we arrived at the college interfaith chapel – when everyone was inside it rained again and then stopped when we left for the dinner.

  13. Marriage ceremony with the First Mrs. Shrug was outdoors (yard of her family’s farm). No rain, but she did have to cope with a beer getting tangled in her veil (I suppose one “in a bonnet” would have been more traditional).

    Second Mrs. Shrug and I opted for the registry office option. No bees in sight.

  14. Arrggh. That was of course meant to be “a bee” rather than my typo of “a beer.” Though I don’t know; the mental image of a flying beer bottle investigating a wedding ceremony is a pretty striking one too.

  15. Shrug – I would have loved to not have a wedding. It is probably one of the few (non royal) weddings planned by the mothers and the groom. At one point someone from the catering place asked me about something “What does the bride think?” and one of the mothers replied “It doesn’t matter what the bride thinks.”

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