1. I remember seeing a cartoon (here at CIDU) that showed six (or eight) of those “wooden stacking dolls” in the first row of a movie theater. Unfortunately, it was probably before the server catastrophe, and I can’t find it now.

    P.S. I zoomed all the way in on “Loose Parts” to verify whether the apostrophe was drawn in the proper perspective (it seems to be correct, even though it appears backward at first glace).

    P.P.S. Germans have a very difficult time getting apostophes to sit in the correct orientation. Publishers do it right, but amateur typesetters almost always get it wrong.

  2. Awaiting moderation. Bill – I logged in to my WordPress account and then posted. Perhaps I need a one-time okey-dokey from you so that this approach will work properly in future. Thanks.

  3. P.P.P.S. I was wrong, the comic (with 10 dolls) appeared here on 4-Feb-2018. This is currently on “page 18” of the extended CIDU page lists.

    P.P.P.P.S. @ Bill: I wish there was a way to jump from page to page (individually), instead of appending material to the current page.

  4. I’m unsure whether something has changed or I just started noticing something that was already in place, but in the last couple days I have noticed apostrophes displayed very strangely on the closed captions for some videos I have been watching. (Detail: this is in Amazon video on a Roku device, and has shown up in both back library items and current new release TV.)

    The oddity is that two consecutive characters replace the expected single apostrophe. First there is a straight stroke like a prime or “minute” sign, immediately followed by a more curled character, like a closing single quote. (Followed by the last letter of the contraction or the possessive.)

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