1. The bugs have mutated, and they’re killing humans, starting with
    those that kill bugs or want bugs killed.

  2. John McPherson thought he had a killer setup- giant ants were taking over a pest agency and posing as humans to gain infiltrate and attack us. But somehow it never occurred to him he had absolutely *no* follow through. So the ants pose as humans to … do what? And to what result?

    He honestly thought just having giant ants taking over a pest agency would be enough.

  3. It’s not quite fair to compare different media, but the “bugs take over pest control” gag was done much more effectively (and funnier) in the first “Men in Black” movie.

  4. Kilby – that was the FIRST thing/bug I thought of . . . Vincent d’Onofrio . . . (and I wonder what ever happened to him when L&O quit?)

  5. @ Andréa – I have no idea who and or what “L&O” is supposed to mean, but Wikipedia has a rather long article about him.

  6. P.S. Ooops: First click on “Post Comment” and then the answer becomes obvious: “Law & Order” (which I have never watched).

  7. ” Vincent d’Onofrio . . . (and I wonder what ever happened to him when L&O quit?)”

    He became the Kingpin of Crime in the Marvel TV Universe

  8. I read this comic as saying that they’d get rid of the pests, but from their point of view it’s the humans who are the pests.

  9. Not relevant to anything else, but I thought Vincent d’Onofrio made L&O unwatchable. I only came back to the show when he began alternating with Jeff Goldblum, and I’d check each episode’s cast ahead of time

  10. I thought perhaps the giant ant thought Mrs. Reibling had an “aunt problem.” That might have been slightly funnier.

  11. Bill, I totally agree with you. I suffered through a few Criminal Intents before I decide it just wasn’t worth it. Now I find I take an instant dislike to anything Vincent D. is in.

  12. I’ve seen Vincent D’O in several things and can’t say I loved him, but he did a good job as Wilson Fisk (the Kingpin) in the first Daredevil season (on Netflix).

  13. Vincent D’O has been in a several great movies. In “Mystic Pizza” his girlfriend was Lili Taylor. On the other hand in “Household Saints” his daughter was, yes, Lili Taylor. And it was killed in “Homicide, Life on the Streets” by (spoiler alert) being pushed off the subway track and being stuck between the train and the platform.

    Takes a great actor to play such varied and odd parts.

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