1. I think it falls under “Millennials are self-centered idiots” meme that is about as true as “All people over 50 are clueless about technology.”

  2. I don’t see either cartoon as being about millennials. They cartoons are about the fact that people want to have this technology in their house, and that fact is true. But both people younger and older than millennials like this technology.

  3. Also, people of all ages appreciate the “geezer friendly font size.” LOL Perhaps not ALL ages, but those of us who have passed a certain milestone that they hope is still the “new 30” but their eyes tell a different tale. LOL

  4. I like almost all of the new font sizes,

    with the express exception of the monsterous “blockquotes”

    , of course.

  5. Except Alexa and the like aren’t recording or sending what you say anywhere unless you wake them up with a keyword first. That’s hardly a “wiretap”.

  6. I’m confused about 60’s lady… She’s worried that if she says something controversial over the phone. the government WILL wiretap her. Doesn’t that imply they have ALREADY wiretapped her?

  7. “Except Alexa and the like aren’t recording or sending what you say anywhere unless you wake them up with a keyword first.”

    That’s an interesting assumption. Alexa laughs at you for no apparent reason in the middle of the night…

  8. I’ve been feeling both vindicated and saddened by the whole facebook thing. Vindicated because I’ve tried to be very careful about what info I give out, and saddened because it looks like I was right.

  9. Facebook was always about gathering data about you for marketers and advertisers, and this wasn’t a surprise to discover. I do not have a Facebook account, and I have an entry on my computer that causes attempts to resolve “facebook.com” to be sent to network address

  10. I walked into the kitchen with my handgun. My wife asked my I had it out. I said that the appliances were spying on us. She laughed, I laughed, the toaster laughed. . .I shot the toaster. It was a good day.

  11. Powers – Alexa et al might not be recording, but that assumes that it’s a 100% secure connection, and no one else is using your digital assistant to record stuff for their own purposes. The hack of the Amazon camera that watched your front door was zero-day, right?

  12. Honestly, as far as I’m concerned, that Amazon camera ranks just below Google Glass.

    And I can’t see anybody but Amazon benefitting from this (although we’re required to pay for it): if an unattended package is stolen from your stoop, AMAZON take the loss, not you.

  13. Oh, I wasn’t trying to draw that close a parallel. As far as I know, the only problem with the vulnerability in the camera is that it completely nerfed the “don’t worry, we’ll only use this if we have cameras that let us monitor what’s happening” reassurance. I was just using it as an illustration that people can get into any system if they really want to.

  14. If you think Alexa isn’t listening to you until you say “Alexa”, how do you think she knows to listen for “Alexa”?

  15. I have never been happy with the idea of what FB could be used for and the info sold. I have 2 FB accounts. The one in my name is so secret that even I am not allowed to know anything about it., well. close to it. I opened it when Robert entered photos in a Colonial Williamsburg contest to have one’s photo in one of their calendars and he needed people to vote for his – daily. The second one is a “nom de Facebook” and still I have no friends, etc. but it lets me look at things I need to. Neither has birth dates, locations, etc. (My assorted email addresses have either no or fake birthdates.)

    In addition to a variety of other reasons (does not work with my Lotus Organizer, phones are too big…) I did not want an Android as I did not want it to be connected to an Google account all the time (forget Iphone – budgetwise if nothing else) and when it was that or a flip phone and carry my old Palm Centro both, husband found the smallest Android he could for me and we opened up an unrelated Google account for it.

    I don’t bank, file taxes, etc online unless I have absolutely no other choice. Robert received two emails the other day from our bank. We knew they were phony – they don’t have our email addresses.

    Why am I so suspicious, cautious? Too many friends who are programmers with back doors into what they programmed (at one point one had a back door into our bank as he did work for them and another had a back door into a major bridge toll system). They were honest and had back doors for work purposes; others are not so honest – and that was back before hacking became a common term.

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