1. Wow, you have a lot more patience than I would have had. I think I would have just ignored all of them after the first few weeks.

    And after all, if you reply to people, and point out that they have the wrong e-mail, you’re disincentivizing him to fix it.

  2. Well, sometimes it’s “Bill, I need to hear from you immediately because the sale is about to fall through and I stand to lose my life savings.” It’s not THEIR fault they’re dealing with a man who lacks a preschooler’s grasp of e-mail addresses.

    Of course I point out to them that they’re dealing with a man who lacks a preschooler’s grasp of e-mail addresses.

    Now, if the message were along the lines of “if I don’t hear back from you within the hour I’m going to take my business to a different agent” then, well, I’d just make myself a sandwich.

  3. I still think you should contact the Washington state real estate licensing board or at the bare minimum his office manager. IBB has people sending you confidential financial information. The yutz should lose his license and his job.

  4. Not a stock “Maybe you need a different agent” or “I’m too busy to deal with you right now”, either of which is true, for all of them?

    That doesn’t require you to put in much effort, regardless of what the issue is, and, in response to the point above, definitely would incentivize taking steps to get it right.

  5. I already informed IBB that I’m informing his clients that he’s a moron, so I think we’re past the point where incentives make s difference.

  6. I already informed IBB that I’m informing his clients that he’s a moron, so I think we’re past the point where incentives make s difference.

    If you’re not hearing back from him, it’s probably because he’s
    sending the replies to his actual edress.

  7. I have a similar situation. A group of women keep including me in their emails to one another, sending me texts and files and whatnot. I reply to the first one with ‘unless you are sending this to a 60+ math tutor in Chicago, you have the wrong person’. Then to the second one as ‘Wrong address’. Then to the third one as ‘you are all a**holes, stop emailing me’. At that, someone will answer, ‘well, it’s obviously a mistake. No need to get nasty.’ I ignore the rest.

    A couple of months later, it starts all over again.

  8. “I already informed IBB that I’m informing his clients that he’s a moron, so I think we’re past the point where incentives make s difference.”

    You’re telling him that, but his customers aren’t, so it isn’t incentivizing enough. Blow up a sale for him, and he’ll notice. Two, maybe three on the outside.
    There’s also a possibility that it isn’t actually him who gives out the wrong address. Some assistant may have it written down wrong, or maybe it’s an association he’s with that gives it out wrong.

    Or start giving out this advice to his customers: “Don’t send me emails, they aren’t secure. If you want to give me information, drive to my office and give it to me in person or I won’t get it.”

    That’s true, actually helpful to the customers, and still conveys the idea that he’s an idiot when they figure out they aren’t emailing him.

    My variation on this was the 12+ years or so that bill collectors would call my house expecting to reach my ex-wife, mostly with autodialers that weren’t equipped to hear “That person cannot be reached at this phone number. Go away.”

  9. Or just say “Effective immediately, due to licensing issues, I have decided to retire from handling any and all real estate transactions in the state of Washington.”

  10. I will say, though, that no matter how many times you tell someone your e-mail address and spell it, a bunch of them will sill get it wrong. When i call them to say i didn’t get what I’m expecting, they’ll read back the incorrectly spelled e-mail address.

  11. Of course it’s possible that some of his clients and associates are at fault: but IBB has cc’ed himself on outgoing mail using my address. There’s no passing the buck on that one.

    And if there’s something about your e-mail address that other people consistently have trouble with, CHANGE YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS!

  12. [note: figure out how to insert laughing emoji here]

  13. ” There’s no passing the buck on that one.”

    Some people have other people send email on their account. So that’s not quite as conclusive as it might otherwise be.

  14. What is conclusive is that 1. A problem exists; 2. The problem exists because my e-mail is billbickel and his is billbickel1; 3. As a result of this problem, he has not been receiving important and time-sensitive information; 4. As I result of this problem, I regularly receive other people’s sensitive financial information; 5. He’s been aware of the problem for years; and 6. It’s an easy fix.

    It really doesn’t matter who it is using the wrong e-mail address in any given instance: it seems to at least mostly be him, but it’s 100% his issue to fix no matter what.

  15. I have ibb’s fax number if anyone wants it. Also his cell phone number. Hmm, what would happen if someone bought a burner phone snd used it to send a lot of texts to ibb? Or left so many messages his voice-mail box got full?🤔

  16. “What is conclusive is that 1. A problem exists”

    For well over a decade (i.e., longer that the statute of limitations for debt collections), somebody’s debt collection database suggested that my ex-wife could be contacted at my phone number. So the debt-collectors would set their autodialer to call me, every day, to urge her to contact them to resolve a debt. They were SO sure that my phone number was a way of reaching her, that their autodialer provided no mechanism to tell a human operator “Listen, this is not my ex-wife’s telephone number, and besides, she owes me money, too.” I tried calling one of these agencies to tell them to stop calling me. The human operator suggested that the automatic phone calls would stop… as soon as I gave them a number she could be reached at. The autocalls continued. Eventually, I’d get tired of getting these stupid phone calls every day, filling up my voicemail box, so I’d call the state attorney general’s office and report them. Within a couple of days, the calls would stop… only to resume a couple of weeks or months later, as a new debt collection agency decided to take a shot at collecting. I thought I’d get a respite once my divorce was ten years old, since my phone number could only legitimately be associated with any of her debts while we were still married, and after ten years, the statute of limitations precludes most debt collection activity. But no, I was still getting debt collectors calling me to reach my ex-wife 15 years after my divorce.
    It’s stopped, now. I sold my house and dropped the landline service. The phone compmany continued to bill me (at my new address) for the landline service for at least six months after I moved out. Even a (for me, fairly polite) letter failed to cause them to take note of the fact that they were billing me for service at an address where they weren’t providing me any services. They started to threaten me that if I continued to avoid payment, they might have to consider disconnecting the service. They haven’t yet figured out why this threat failed to extract any payment, because the next month, they sent another bill, with another month’s “Service” on it, for me to ignore.

  17. “Based on his blurb, he sounds only marginally literate.”

    I hadn’t read his blurb until you said that. How can someone
    keep something like that online and hope to be thought
    intelligent? Doesn’t he have any friends who’d tell him, “You
    know, Bill, you ought to fix that.”?

  18. My name is relatively uncommon, but apparently not uncommon enough. One of the other “me” examples in town wrote for one of the local newspapers, so I’d sometimes get mistaken for him. Another “me” got a call once from a guy who had failed to pick “me” up at a gay bar the previous night (NTTAWWT) and hilarity didn’t ensue when we finally mutually realized he had called the wrong one. And a third (?) “me” has a gambling problem and, worse, a passing bad checks when he loses too much at gambling problem, so several times I’ve had unpleasent phone interactions with collection agencies and/or staff at the local casino, in which I have never set foot.

    I have only a land line (aditionally, my wife has a flip phone, which she rarely uses), so we’ve just started to ignore calls on it until the answering machine picks it up. Our friends know that if we’re home (which we almost always are) we’ll probably standing right by the phone, waiting for them to get to the answering machine message part, but, aside from the unstoppable female robot from “card holder services,” other scammers, salespeople, politicians, etc. almost always tend to hang up, perhaps optimistically thinking they’ll have better luck at reaching us next time. (They won’t.)

  19. If anybody uses VOiP, there’s a handy little app called NoMoRobo, which will screen the call. You get one ring, then if it rings a second time, you can pick up.

    I have a landline which I have to answer for business reasons, but if/when I switch to VOiP, I’m gonna get me some of that.

  20. Since before robocalls, as I have mentioned before, we have been getting lots of phone calls for the local of Domino’s pizza, an eyeglass store and a doctor (doctor’s number used to be a TV repair shop’s number until they closed). The pizza is a real problem as they call even at 4 am – either they are open then, people think they are, or the kids who work there hang out and their friends call and drunks on the weekend. We get calls from hospitals leaving messages that so and so has been released and the doctor should follow up with the patient. We get calls about eyeglasses and changing the order, as well as many bill collectors looking for the manager. We have tried in the past putting an ad for our crafts on the outgoing message, but even that does not work. We also have the machine on all the time and screen calls and people who know us,know this and we will explain to those who need to call us back.

    On our mobile phones, if the number does not pop us with a name we do not answer – no call backs unless we know who it is or a message is left. The one exception is that we are the emergency number for Robert’s nieces’ schools. So if I get a call from the county they live in and it does not start with the same 3 digits as my mobile, and it is school hours I would answer it. But then again, SIL is home all day exercising and we have never received an emergency call for either niece.

    Now my mom, on the other hand gets collection calls for my cousin’s second ex-wife. The ex-wife liked my mom’s neighborhood and they bought a house up the street from my mom and she got the house. So collectors see my mom’s number listed and call her trying to find the cousin’s ex-wife.

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