bombMr. Hillburn had some far better options here, I think.

I suspect he was cajoled into seeing the movie by his nine-year-old daughter, hated it, and decided that this way not only could he get a comic out of it, but he could write off the tickets as a business expense.


  1. Definitely there are better options. A Wrinkle In Time got mixed reviews, but it’s made $91M domestically so far ($117M worldwide). Not spectacular, given the film’s cost, but not Waterworld either (Waterworld has made $88M domestic over 24 years on a $175M budget).

  2. The movie has had generally tepid reviews (40% on Rotten Tomatoes) and and underperforming box office. Given all the money spent on advertising, I would say A Wrinkle in Time bombed can be classified as at least a mid-level flop.

  3. Movie flops are almost always quickly forgotten, so this joke is difficult to pull off. Very few flops have become famous for bombing- in addition to Waterworld, Ishtar and Heaven’s Gate also come to mind, and these movies are probably mostly remembered by we geezers. Any thoughts on a more recent flop that most readers would recall?

  4. ” Any thoughts on a more recent flop that most readers would recall?”

    Disney dropped a ton of money on the “John Carter” movie. Was the Lone Ranger remake with Johnny Depp as Tonto theirs, too? The Valerian movie didn’t take in a lot of US dollars. A while back, and proof of the point, there was that movie a while back that Madonna was in, and people said “meh”, and I don’t even remember the title. Also famous for having a so big a budget that it would have been heard to make a lot of money with it was Cleopatra, although it did relatively well at the box office (compared to the other movies in the Ishtar, Heaven’s Gate, Waterworld category.) There was that one with Will and Jaden Smith, I’m just remembering as I went to hit “submit”. And Eddie Murphy’s space movie.

  5. Yeah. WRINKLE IN TIME wasn’t a smash hit, but it’s hardly a bomb. I liked it, personally. Most of the people I know liked it. That’s because I’m a part of a subculture which is pretty much the target audience, so I get that maybe most people weren’t as impressed. But this is an example of a mid-level not-a-failure. People involved in the movie aren’t going to put it as a highlight on their CV, but they’re not going to leave it off entirely, either.

  6. The more recent flop would be THE MUMMY — $80 million domestic gross on $125 million budget.

  7. WRINKLE IN TIME did lose money, but not embarrassing amounts — 90 million domestic, 100 million production.

  8. Unless it’s a colosal astounding stinker, this just seems mean-spirited. It’s probably a lousy movie but no-one forced us to waste our money it and it’s not worth getting angry about. And hardly a daring and clever dig. Just makes the cartoonist seem unpleasant and petty.

  9. From all accounts, the “Emoji Movie” deserved a seat on this comic’s flight.

    P.S. Disney also dropped a lot of money on “Mars Needs Moms” (which was based on a book by Breathed of Bloom County fame).

  10. Kilby-
    I think you have it- The Emoji Movie would better work in this comic: a real stinker that is recent enough for most people to recognize (plus it’s available on DVD!).

  11. I think I would have gone with Gigli. It may not be very recent, but it’s the first one that always pops into my head.

    I saw Wrinkle In Time this past weekend. I wasn’t impressed, but it wouldn’t have occurred to me to call it a bomb.

  12. Gigi – a movie about a young girl being trained to be a courtesan, just the movie for grandparents to take little girls to see, well mine did. It was not until years later when I understood what was going on that I realized how inappropriate the subject of the movie was for children.

  13. I read the book “Wrinkle in Time” when I was young. I remember liking it, but over the years have forgotten about all the plot line. When the movie was announced I mentioned this to Robert. As the release grew closer the more I heard the more confused I became as it really did not sound like the kind of book I would have or would now like. Robert insisted we see it, even though I was leery – and I would say we should not have bothered, but then again we see a lot of movies including a lot of bombs and a lot of movies that no one likes, but we do. This one we did not.

    When we got home Robert looked up the book online. The fact that it takes place in the late 19th century and is very different than the movie probably explains why I liked the book – but was not even interested in seeing the movie.

    Wonder what they do with “The Phantom Toll Booth”?

  14. Meryl A: I think maybe your husband confused it with one of the sequels when he looked it up? The “Wrinkle In Time” book takes place in the 20th century.

  15. Winter Wallaby – oh well, that leaves me back confused why I liked it and I really don’t feel like reading it again when I now have 2 issues of BBC history waiting for me to read. Thank you.

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