1. I cannot see an insult in william’s “grave cidu”. I assumed it was going to be implying that the deceased was not in heaven, but there’s no indication of that, and if it’s supposed to be the little logo in the lower left corner, that thing is not readable even at enormous zoom levels.

  2. Read down the first letter of each line. I’ve never really understood the epithet, I mean to say that I enjoy f**king, so it’s a bit like saying “Have a great day.”

  3. Darn it, Bill! Any ideas as to how I can avoid going straight to moderation with each comment? Better idea, don’t waste your time; I’ll do the work. Thanks.

  4. In his will (or else applicable), a Swedish, *1895, author¹ – i.e. a fbber, in a spicy way depicting
    cuffer(s)² from his childhood in southmost Sweden – stated th followin text for his tombstone:
    NB: His name is not mentioned or else implied!

    Here lie the ashes of a man in the habit of
    putting everything off until tomorrow.
    He changed for the better on his deathbed,
    however, and did in fact die on 31 January 1972.

    – ¹ Fritiof Nilsson Piraten (“the Pirate”)
    – ² Mark Twain would have admired him – or even became jealous
    ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fritiof_Nilsson_Piraten )

  5. @ Olivier – Thanks for the hint! (Note to all: the epitaph is Photoshopped, of course.)

    P.S. With regard to following zombies: there was an article a while back about the difficulty of arranging to prevent such post-mortem activity. The problem is that if the account holder dies, it is far from clear who has (or should have) the right to control the ownerless account. Even if it is specified in the will (which it usually isn’t, or at least wasn’t), it can be very difficult to convince a social platform to surrender control to someone who does not already hold the password.

  6. “The problem is that if the account holder dies, it is far from clear who has (or should have) the right to control the ownerless account.”

    Depends on the lawyer who wrote the terms of service, which may contain provisions for this.
    Now that Microsoft is including online authentication to Windows. I don’t know of any cases involving those accounts yet, but I haven’t looked for any, either.

  7. That tombstone is NOT photoshopped, lots of photos on the net from all different angles and Montreal Mirror talked to the stonecutter. This is what you get when your wife and your mistress collaborate on your epitath. A president or two should maybe keep this in mind…


  8. Thanks for the correction and the URL. I wouldn’t hire that stonecutter for anything, the layout on that headstone is atrocious (it looks like it was composed with a cheap text editor).

  9. Gee, and I was impressed(?) surprised (?) the tombstone behind my uncle/aunt’s stone actually, really truly, says “Pull my finger”. (And this is a Jewish cemetery.)

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