1. What? The premium is high because it does NOT cover pre-existing accidents? I doubt if any policy would. And anyway, why would that cause the premium to be higher? I think that they think this is a clever way of saying he has a bad record, with too many accidents.

  2. All is opinion, even if stated as fact:

    The humor is supposed to be that you recognize “preexisting
    conditions” from health insurance and they’re talking about
    “preexisting accidents” for car insurance. But it doesn’t work
    for several reasons.

    “Preexisting accidents” is meaningless. And the effects of
    “prior accidents” would be, like in health insurance,
    “preexisting conditions.”

    NO auto insurance covers anything that happened prior to the

    Health policies that don’t cover preexisting conditions are
    cheaper than those that do, not more expensive.

    I could probably go on, but I won’t. You’re welcome.

  3. Or possibly it’s a comment on his car, which is a running gag (because it rarely runs) – a huge pink car with fins. It’s a pre-existing accident? Which would require the reader to be familiar with the strip and the car. I dunno.

  4. I thought it makes a sort of sense under a charitable reading of “my auto insurance [premiums]” as a loose cover term for “my auto protection / repair costs” – – which would include both premiums AND deductibles or uncovered out-of-pocket expenses.

    So yes, “pre-existing” is a misappropriated term from health insurance; but after that, it’s an explanation for why the total cost (premium plus uncovered repairs) is so high.

  5. Prior accidents have left the car damaged and barely functional. Parts fall off of it every time he drives it. So there is a large body of people out there who may have claims against him (because they were injured by parts that fell off the car) Those injuries are pre-existing, but don’t require insurance until they mature into lawsuits. So if his OLD insurance won’t cover those lawsuits, his new insurance will have to, thus making the costs really high.

    Having it require this tortured a reading, with so many raw assumptions in the recipe, is why the final joke seems half-baked (at best).

  6. I saw it at first as the car itself was the problem- like an accident waiting to happen. But it could also refer to prior accidents- in the sense that prior accidents ( even those covered by another insurance company) are an indication that Shoe is a higher risk for them to take on their policy. Companies check driving records. Homeowner’s insurance works that way, too. We had three claims in 5 years, our homeowner’s policy was canceled and we had a hard time getting coverage anywhere at a decent rate.

  7. Everybody seems to be trying to explain this logically. There is no logic. The expression on my face reading the comic pretty much matched the facial expression in the last frame, and THAT’S what made me laugh.

  8. Wouldn’t auto insurance for those who live and work in trees be sky-high by nature?

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