1. I think this is simply a comment on the fallibility of the death penalty. The justice system is demonstrably riddled with errors and the prisoner is highlighting a prime example in the botched last meal order, perhaps giving the people about to throw the switch pause.

    Perhaps not a LOL, but a comic that people who are anti-execution can get behind, clip out and put on their fridge.

  2. I agree with Stan. It’s a little off-kilter, since his bitterness about mistakes would logically go more toward the original investigators and prosecutors. But of course they’re not there, and it’s pretty natural it would spill out as directed at the chaplain and whoever the other guy is.

  3. I still don’t like execution “humor”, even if it was intended as an editorial rather than for laughs. There’s simply nothing funny about this one.

  4. Definitely a comment on the death penalty. “You guys must know what you are doing better than I do.”

  5. I read an old story from Alfred Hitchcock magazine. It has a guy hunting a rare antelope in Africa. He keeps only the tongue. He then rousts a famous retired French chef from bed to prepare a special dish with it. Finally that’s delivered to a prison for a last meal.

    In reality, the condemned don’t have carte blanche. One prison warden said that they used a local restaurant, and the prisoner could have anything on the regular menu.

    Similar to the comic, I saw a story where a prisoner used his “last words” to complain that he had requested Spaghetti-os for the last meal but received canned spaghetti. I can understand that complaint.

  6. Uh, aren’t Spaghetti-os canned spaghetti?

    I haven’t had spaghetti-os since I was a kid. I think the secret to their kid-pleasing sauce is sugar. Lots and lots of sugar.

  7. I think it’s not supposed to be his last meal. It’s just the meal that he normally would have gotten. It’s just… there’s ANOTHER guy who was SUPPOSED to be executed…

  8. “I think it’s not supposed to be his last meal.”

    Prisons aren’t known for taking meal orders, except for the one.

    If I should ever be wrongly convicted of a capital crime, I plan to ask for dodo stew with a side order of Buffalo-style velociraptor wings.

  9. Luciano Pavarotti was condemned to death by firing squad and offered a last request.

    “I would like to be allowed to sing my favorite song all the way through.”

    “Granted. Go ahead.”

    “One billion bottles of beer on the wall, one billion bottles of beer …”

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