1. I had the same thought as chakolate. Notice the picture on the wall, that’s what she looked like before her transformation.

  2. The suggestion is that all Uber drivers look like hell.
    (So if you want to be one, you have to look like that.)

  3. Oh…. I thought the cartoonist was confusing Uber with traditional Taxis. Which issn’t my experience (Uber is supposed to be trendy hip aware people doing it in their spare time).

    But chakolate makes a lot more sense. Harrassment is a common and newsworthy issue about Uber so.. she’s just protecting herself.

    … On the third hand there is something about the wording “rough around the edges” that makes me think I may have been right the first time. But right or wrong, chakolate’s interpretation makes more sense and makes the comic better.

  4. “(Uber is supposed to be trendy hip aware people doing it in their spare time).”

    What it actually is, however, is taxis driven by people who couldn’t get taxi licenses.

  5. I still don’t get it. Sure looking like a psycho killer makes it less likely to get hassled but also less likely to get people to ride with you.

  6. Perhaps the cartoonist’s thought process is that Ubers are “Pirate” taxis so that the woman in the cartoon is roughing herself up to look more like a pirate. (Hook Hand, Eye Patch…)

  7. The joke was kind of lost on me, given that none of the characters in this comic are attractive. But chakolate is probably right.

    Second theory was that people will feel obligated to give larger tips because they feel threatened? But not everyone gives tips in Uber.

  8. Seymour got it right. Although now respectable in many countries don’t forget it started out as a pirate underground enterprise and some places actually still is e.g. in the country I live: Denmark

  9. Don’t give the artist too much credit for social commentary when it’s just coincidental. The “piratic” impression of Uber is not as prevalent in America (where this comic is produced). I’m sure the few “pirate” attributes were merely chosen because the looked exceedingly “rough”.

  10. P.S. And to give credit where credit is due, J.P. Is right on the money with both prongs of his twp-part criticism.

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