1. Not to be “that guy” but this one makes no sense.

    Our (UK) DST doesn’t start for another two weeks, so the henge is gonna be fast for a fortnight. 😛

  2. Shadowplay, Bill often queues up old comics for a time when
    they’ll seem appropriate. This picture is probably from the work
    they did last year.

    But the real question is whether a different time for DST will
    affect the spaghetti harvest.

  3. Arthur – fair enough! 🙂

    DST doesn’t really affect the spaghetti harvest so much, but the linguini harvest gets flattened.

  4. I’m still lollygagging in bed, and putting off the clock advancement tasks. And yes, I do still have some devices that need at least semi-manual adjustment. At least I retired the one that was in theory fully automatic, but did it on the wrong dates, so actually manual correction 4 times a year.

  5. (… slowly, as the mist cleared, an stylized “f” appeared below the imposing henge, as if to beckon the pilgrim…)

  6. “Our (UK) DST doesn’t start for another two weeks, so the henge is gonna be fast for a fortnight.”

    Whatever it takes to keep the tourists happy. Don’t you hate it when the tour bus rolls up, and the tourists see your 1000-year-old castle, and they say “that’s not what a REAL castle looks like!” and pout through the whole tour?

  7. @James Pollock

    Ha! I did hear a tourist in Windsor asking why we’d built the castle under the main Heathrow flightpath. 😛

  8. If I were a monarch, the approaches for the country’s largest airport wouldn’t cross over MY home. Heads would roll and the streets would splash in red.

    (Before you say “silly foreigner, that’s not how it works. The queen reigns but she doesn’t rule”, I say you run your monarchy the way you like, and I’ll run mine the way I like.)

  9. Strangely enough, this one was sent to me earlier today by a British friend . . . you’d think she’d’ve known better! Altho, to be fair, she spends a lot of time in USA and knew we were changing over today and I’d think it funny.

    Isn’t there such a thing as ‘double DST’ in Europe? I remember being there in summer and it was still lightish outside at midnight.

  10. Andréa

    Nope. Only single DST. You forget how far north we are – London is about the same latitude as St James Bay. Around midsummer it’s still light enough outside at 11:00 PM to do a bit of gardening without destroying the plants you want to keep.

  11. In a ‘who-dunnit’ I recently read, the mystery was solved (and the miscreant caught in a big fat lie) due to the fact that it was light enough to read at midnight, in Scotland.

  12. I almost never literally “laugh out loud” (being a taciturn Scandinavian-type), but I did at this one. Thanks for it.

  13. “here In Arizona we think…”

    If there was anything to do in Arizona, it might matter what time you got there.

  14. I keep forgetting. Is Stonehenge a natural rock formation and ancient people built the Grand Canyon or is it the other way around?

  15. James Pollock – among the more common jokes in reenacting is the “tourists” who look at the baby playing and ask “Did they have those then?” or look at the fire that people are cooking over and ask “is that a real fire?”

  16. You know how most electronics change on their own these days? Well, for some reason no Diabetes meter either of us has owned does – which means that for a period of time after the change – one way or the other – the readings are off as we forget we have to change them.

    This time I remembered. There is a strangely complicated way of changing the time (or date) which involves remembering – or looking up – which order to push the power button and left and right buttons (on and then hold? – hold and then on? – on and then left?…) So the job tends to fall to me. I pushed the on button on meter (which was used 2 hours before for a reading) and the screen stayed off. I held the button in – the screen stayed off. I tried shoving a strip in as if I was going to test – the screen stayed blank. So, I thought that there was an odd coincidence that the battery died at the same time I had to change the time. I changed the battery with the one in our spare meter – which had turned on okay. Still my meter did not work. I went to work on Robert’s meter – managed to update it on the first try. Oh, well, my meter must be broken. I will use the spare one until I can get a replacement. Robert opened the back, took the battery back out, shook the battery, put it back and it worked and I was able to change the time. Not sure what was going on – but if it was not that the time had to change would it have worked straight through?

  17. The latitude thing caught me by surprise as well: when I went to Berlin (for the first time) last June, I wasn’t prepared for how short the nights would be.

    Not exactly the Land of the Midnight Sun, but it threw me off more than the change in time zones did.

  18. We had a similar experience when visiting New Zealand years ago. The time difference from Germany is about half a day, which was bad enough, but swapping fall for springtime was nearly as disorienting.

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