1. It’s a minor detail, but I’m pretty sure that Shoe’s “Veranda Rights” was set in italics. Personally, I think calling attention to such a groaner pun was unnecessary, and sort of torpedoes the humor. It would have worked better with deadpan (Roman) delivery.

    P.S. I can’t find it online, but anyone with access to the Far Side in print should check out the panel for January 1st, 1983 (and compare it to the Rapunzel here).

  2. I have a niece named Miranda, and the family is accustomed to hearing her claim her Rights, or occasionally issue her Warning.

  3. @Kilby Incidental information can filter out what you’re looking for. A search with Google for “the Far Side”, as you capitalized it, and “Rapunzel” returned your panel as the first hit.
    The fourth hit had your panel with a date: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/308215168234570458/.
    Bing got the same first hit also, but no dated one.

  4. @Tree, it’s a rhyming pun of a prominent Russian performance group, hinted at by the tutu.

  5. I got the Bolshoi one, but didn’t get much of a laugh out of it. Since Wayno took over the weekday Bizarro strip, I think its humor level has descended to the John McPherson (Close to Home) level, although Wayno does a crackerjack job of matching Dan Piraro’s artistic style.

  6. Thanks to Kevin A for the follow-up link to Larson’s “Rapunzel”. I used the date, not the caption. Ooops.

  7. Kilby, My pleasure. I might have also used the date on the first search attempt, just in case..

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