1. A number of bodybuilder stock poses involve pointing at things. Don’t ask me why I know this, because I don’t know myself. Maybe they think it looks more “natural” than just standing there flexing for no apparent purpose.

  2. I concur that Maurice is pointing at it and is powerful, therefore it is Power … Point. But I am intrigued by the names Maurice and Mr. Davenport.

  3. Space cowboy? I remember enjoying the Space Cowboys movie a couple of decades ago, but it didn’t have any Maurice in it.

  4. “Space cowboy?”

    Steve Miller. The Joker. A little bit older than the “Space Cowboys” movie.

  5. Andréa, I don’t think we had this comic before (though there’s little evidence either way anymore), but we did have one that referenced “The Joker.”

  6. I missed the Powerpoint pun and thought that this was a gender-flipped version of the sexy female stage assistant.

  7. There are such things as “power poses”, though they’re usually done by women and wispy men who need a shot of confidence. Maurice here doesn’t seem to need that.

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