1. Apparently the one on the right is Zeno reincarnated as a gazelle (or whatever those are supposed to be).

  2. I disagree. I think this has to do with relativity. Since the two animals in the front are moving in tandem, when they look at each other they seem to be staying in place. (This is sort of what it feels like when you drive down the highway at 55 MPH alongside a bus. Since you and the bus are moving at the same speed, it feels like you are standing still.) And since the cheetah is running at about the same speed, it feels like the cheetah is also not moving. However since the cheetah is moving slightly fatser than the two of them in front he is gaining on them slowly but surely.

  3. Cheetahs can’t do “slowly but surely” – they have to be quick to kill, or they tire and the antelope (or whatever) get away.

  4. If it were a Hanna-Barbera animated cartoon, the cheetah would say “We’re moving but we’re not getting anywhere. We keep passing those same two clouds over and over.”

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