1. The first two panels are of happy-looking gnomes blowing
    bubbles. The last panel shows that you were wrong about them
    being happy (or even benign).

  2. Is he on a sugar high that keeps him from sleeping? Are the little men imaginary? Why the bubbles? I’m not getting it. Definitely a CIDU.

  3. The bubbles look whimsical and playful in the first couple panels…the third reveals that it’s a torture being used to extract the location of the sugar. (Bubbles are, after all, soap.)

  4. I’m all about being strong and not giving key information. But it’s sugar. Why be tortured and hold out?

  5. Too bad there’s not a little tickbox here, like the “uptick” on GoComics. williamkiraly at 6:51 am, consider yourself upticked. … Oh, and I see the autocensor is still hard at work here. My innocuous comment on “Because… they’re drawings??” got moderated.

  6. ” it’s sugar. Why be tortured and hold out?”

    If you think these gnomes are bad now, wait’ll you see what they’re like if you feed them after midnight.

  7. I think the reason that I managed to repress any memory of ever having seen this (very old) PBF strip (#095) is that it recalls disturbing images from “A Clockwork Orange”.

    P.S. I agree with woozy that PBF is not really “edgy” – it’s closer to “surreal”.

    P.P.S. Did anyone catch “There, There”, which recently appeared in PBF’s RSS feed? The strip was unusual in two respects: it was fairly poorly drawn, and it was removed from the website just a few days later. The link now produces a “not found”.

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