1. Oh yeah, it does seem like “Winning!” as an isolated exclamation, would have to be something of an allusion to that Charlie Sheen nonsense!

  2. I think it is both Mr. Military Parade AND Mr. Sheen. Both of them allowed their egos to claim credit for the success of something that was only partially due to their own effort and/or superior ability. Now look at what General Halftrack is doing.

    Mr. Parade has enablers willing to feed his vanity, as also seen here. The difference is that Halftrack knows full well that he’s in a career sidetrack, and has been for some time, and WHY he got stuck in a second-rate, out-of-the-way command.

  3. This is Beetle Bailey, so don’t read too much into it. It’s simple and pretty lame. They won, so they’re using winning as an excuse to drink, not that they need an excuse.

  4. There’s an old military (officer) joke that takes about a half hour if told very skillfully. The general is telling the officers that he understands that they need a jolt of brandy in their coffee in the morning, a quick sip of whisky at mess to wash down the MRE, a shot of cognac when coming off the artillery range to get the taste of cordite out of one’s mouth… (continue with military drinking references as long as you can). … “But boys, this sip, sip, sip all day has GOT to END!”

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