1. Everything looks good here, but I can’t comment on the green. I use a bookmarklet to zap colors, because it makes the text black. It’s much easier to read that way.

    The comics show up better than before (no cutting off the right end) and the left column is fine.

  2. It will take me a couple days to get used to looking above the text to see if there are comments than below the text, but that’s fine. And I don’t mind the green myself.

  3. The one thing I’d comment on — and I might not have thought of it if chakolate hadn’t mentioned making the text black — is that the text for articles and comments is dark gray, which isn’t all that great on a white background.

  4. DemetriosX, if I stumble across an option to change the text color — I really am in Exploration Mode right now — I’ll definitely try to change that to black.

  5. I should have added – and, Bill, the site works much better, despite being an unplanned change done on the fly, than the new site for the embroidery group I am on which planned for 6 months to change to a new site,has been running for 2 months and I still have to go back to the list of forums to switch pages while on any forum and people still have not been able to set themselves up in the site as when they try they are “not permitted” to do so.

    You have done an excellent job and a big thank you to those who helped you.

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