1. . . . but shouldn’t Rat’s sign state: “Brussels sprouts: The only food that makes broccoli TASTE delicious”?

  2. I love good Brussels sprouts. I like broccoli. I have tried, I do not like kale. I do not like it on my plate. It is just something that I hate. I do not like it in my smoothies. I do not like it at the movies. I do not want it in my ale. Please do not give me any kale.

  3. I bought Brussels sprouts today, though I won’t eat them until tomorrow. I also like Kale, though not better than any other cabbage leaf. (Kale is just a loose-head form of green cabbage, as are collard greens. I’m a bio teacher, so I’m forced to say that broccoli and cauliflower are also the same species.)

  4. I love cabbage prepared just about any way. I enjoy making and eating my own sauerkraut. Kale does not taste good to me and I have tried it many ways. Perhaps the kale I’ve had was not good quality. I love Brussels sprouts but have gotten bitter ones that I did not like.

  5. @kanidlover no Rat meant what he said. broccoli is still bad just in comparison to brussels sprouts it almost sounds good until you try it

  6. Chakolate, not everybody’s who’s eaten green food HAS died. We can ASSUME that everybody who’s eaten green food WILL EVENTUALLY die, but I think this falls short of quod erat demonstrandum.

  7. @cidubill, Good point. They do say that the first person to live to 150 has already been born.

    I wonder what a world made up of people who look like 20-somethings and who act like nonagenarians will look like.

  8. Rat’s derision of broccoli is a popular sentiment: in Pixar’s “Inside Out“, broccoli makes at least three appearances as the “evil enemy”(*). The strange thing is that broccoli is one of the few vegetables that my kids will eat by choice. Another item that bewilders me is artichokes. I like them, but I never expected that my kids would like them too.

    P.S. (*) – In the DVD commentary, it was noted that broccoli had to be replaced by something else for some of the foreign versions (specifically Japan), but unfortunately they didn’t say what they replaced it with.

  9. Okay, the oatmeal shot out of mouth when I read the second one!

    It took me 45 years of my life and vegetarian fried rice for lunch after visiting my MIL to like Broccoli. That is about the extent of the “really healthy vegetables” I have gotten used to eating. Strangely I still hate cauliflower – and cannot wait until Ikea switches back to summer vegetables like green beans and gets rid of cauliflower and squash (of some sort).

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