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  1. There seems to be a lot of speculation that Scancarelli plans to end the strip, but he hasn’t said anything like that.

  2. I thought ending this after 100 years was a done deal, hence the interminable farewell.

    Something specific you’ve seen?

  3. OK, this is just getting ridiculous, having t page through two pages of previous comments to get to the newest comment, which, apparently WordPress has no way to link to — one page, eventually it figures it out and you have direct links, I think maybe even two pages can be done, but apparently more than that, you have this mess….

  4. larK, for this page I’ve learned to go to the URL and type “6” over the “4” to get to the right place. It even takes me to the actual update that way, instead of the beginning of the page.

    After another 42 comments, I’ll have to remember to type “7”, though.

  5. How about I reboot Your Random Comments on January 1?

    An alternative would be changing the settings so responses will appear in reverse chronological order. However, this would be a site-wide change and I think that’s already been voted down.

  6. Nuke and restart seems good to me. You might want to figure on it every time it gets over [some number of] pages.

    I hate reverse-chronological order.

  7. Today’s Speed Bump was really a back door pilot: As soon as The Lockhorns ends its run, it’s going to be replaced by The Fuddyduddys.

  8. @ Bill – Instead of nuking and rebooting, how about renaming this page to “Comments 2018“, and creating a new “Comments 2019” on January 1st?

  9. Kilby, I also generally dislike throwing away any electronic files. But have you read through, or even skimmed, the 200+ comments? I did, before agreeing with Bill about nuking it. Do you really think that in a year or two you’re going to want to refer to any of this?

  10. @ Arthur – You have a good point. Out of 268 comments, I can remember three that I would want to preserve (just over 1%), but one of those is at the top of this page, and should be replaced by a permanent link in the left-side menu. The other two I can fish out and save as text for myself.

  11. I would prefer a new comments page, rather than deleting the old one. It’s true that most of the comments in this thread I don’t have any particular reason now that I’d want to refer to, but that’s true of virtually all of the comments in all of the threads. You never know what you’re going to want to refer to some day.

    I actually don’t see the point in purging or restarting anyway, since it will soon go past 50 comments, and it doesn’t make a difference whether there are 51 comments or 320 comments.

    (BTW, I dislike reverse-chronological most of all.)

  12. That’s not a bad idea, WW: I should be able to set up a new page and connect it to the “Your Random Comments” link on the home page (while keeping the old page accessible).

    But not until the new year, when life slows down a bit.

    I also have a few other tweaks to get around to.

    The problem, of course, is that my IT guy really has no idea what he’s doing.

  13. “The problem, of course, is that my IT guy really has no idea what he’s doing.”

    It’s amazing how different that sounds in context, to those of us who’ve followed your travails. It put a smile on my face.

  14. Is anybody else having trouble with Bizarro? It hasn’t updated in my browser for several days, and there’s nothing on the blog.

  15. So, here’s a grand German tradition for New Year’s Eve. A sketch called Dinner for One which airs multiple times on multiple channels every single December 31. Don’t worry about the guy at the beginning. He’s just explaining that this is Miss Sophie’s birthday and she has outlived her four dearest friends — Sir Toby, Admiral von Schneider, Mr. Pomeroy and Mr. Winterbottom — (the last died a quarter of a century ago) and explains the English phrases “Same procedure as last year?” and “Same procedure as every year.” The rest is in English.

  16. Thank you, Andrea. I had the link copied and then forgot to paste it in. The one you posted isn’t available in Germany, so I can’t tell if it’s the best performance, but if the narrator’s English is overdubbed and you can see May Warden adjust her seat for the big chair tilt, that’s the right one.

  17. From the article Bill cites:
    Hunter and Caroline from St. Louis, who also arrived at 8:30 am, brought a mini Jenga game to keep them entertained all day. Hunter said, “I’m going to Med School next year, so this is my last chance. It’s iconic!”

    Two things:
    1) I first read that “iconic” as “ironic”, and thought it would fit in well with our other discussion here.
    1a) Actually, vultures surrounding a soon to be dead guy in a comic is kind of iconic, isn’t it?
    2) Someone who can be entertained all day by playing mini Jenga, and who thought it would be a good idea to spend 15.5 hours waiting for a stupid ball to drop is going to become a doctor?! Please don’t let him ever be my doctor…

    (Ok, so 2.5 things…)

  18. So, here’s a grand German tradition for New Year’s Eve. A sketch called Dinner for One which airs multiple times on multiple channels every single December 31.

    I’ve heard of that. Possibly on this forum. Did you post that last year?

  19. I had to look up mini Jenga. Now, I’m one who’s not really entertained by regular (or giant) Jenga.

  20. Ironic is that one of the networks still promotes its NYE programming as “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Eve”, even though Mr. Clark himself is no longer accumulating any new years.

  21. Apropos of absolutely nothing: Does anyone understand Russian? I came across some videos of a Russian show that I find fascinating to look at, but I’d sure like to know what they are saying, as I think it may be political satire. Or not.

  22. James, that’s simply the name of the show he created, just as Barnum, Bailey and both of the Ringling Brothers were long while their circus was still going strong.

  23. If it was a YouTube link, then it wasn’t from me.
    P.S. We watched both “Dinner for One” and “Dinner for Ah!” with our kids yesterday evening. The latter is a parody version composed as a wrapper for a popular children’s documentary series called “Wissen Macht Ah!”.

  24. Adréa: try searching for .srt files (subtitles) for the show (copy and paste the russian if you don’t know its name in english and search with srt). If you succeed in finding an english srt file, you can play the russian video in the VLC video player (free software available for all major flavors of OS) and then load in the srt file from the menu for subtitles in VLC.

  25. “James, that’s simply the name of the show he created”

    And the show is ironically named, at present.

  26. @Brian: I don’t think I posted it last year, though I might have. Or maybe Kilby did.

    Definitely recall a link to the show and the explanation of the significance in Germany. Could have been somewhere else. Possibly Gocomics comments.

  27. @ Arthur – I’m more than willing to believe that estimate, but I’d love to know how you calculated it. My school knowledge of factorials stopped at “69!”, which was the largest that could be produced by a calculator with 2-digit exponents.

  28. Thanks to Chak for the link, that site is quite impressive. Repeated clicks on “more digits” eventually revealed the entire 5799-digit number (88 lines @ 66 digits/line), the last seven lines being nothing but zeros.

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