1. This is a test comment. This is only a test comment. If this had been a real comment, it would have had typos.

  2. Heh, I spend a fair amount of time in 1963. I’m a regular at the Journey. If you like old SF, the space race, or the middle Cold War, it’s worth a visit

  3. Here’s a random comment:
    I would like to see more CIDUers personalize their avatar (little picture thingie).

  4. I don’t really care for the ALLCAPS styling (even if it’s actually small caps) I’m the latest Theme.

    (Is there in fact a new theme today, or am I just late in noticing its phone appearance as I’ve been at the desktop during the weekend?)

  5. Mona, How do you personalize an avatar? Not that my choice will do you much good – I usually use the Cat’s Eye nebula. 🙂

  6. One way is via Gravatar.com . As somebody remarked earlier, they make it a whole fussy sign-up experience 😦 . But WP is not the only site that thereafter can use your gravatar.

  7. chakolate, I used Gravatar.com as Mitch4 pointed out. All you have to do is click on the circle next to your name and it will take you there. I think it was easy to sign up and upload my chosen photo. (Is that the right term? See I don’t even know what I’m doing but I was able to do it.)

  8. Thanks, everybody. I went to Gravatar and uploaded the pic, and now it shows up here. I didn’t have to sign up much because I used my WordPress id.

  9. I’ll second Mona’s “Well done” ; and also point out that it has retroactively put your new avatar in comments you previously posted!

  10. While my initials are good enough for WordPress, Gravatar won’t allow me to use a picture unless I give them a longer name.

  11. B.A. I think I had to give them a full name, but I was able to choose what would be displayed. Of course, they may not allow you to display “B.A.”. Maybe Bee A? Your purple and white circle is nice, though.

  12. That’s what it is, Mona: They insist on at least four letters, and periods don’t count. So I might have to be happy with my stylish purple and white circle.

  13. @ B.A. – Perhaps you could try replacing the periods with an elevated dot, like this: “B·A·” – I have no idea whether Gravatar/Wordpress will count that as a character, but it’s worth a shot.

  14. “I would like to see more CIDUers personalize their avatar (little picture thingie).”
    I’d prefer not to have one at all. You can’t always get what you want. But if you try sometimes . . .

  15. While the A-Team reference is obvious, I’m reminded of the classic M*A*S*H episode where the characters try to find out BJ Honeycutt’s real name, since they’ve only known him as “BJ”. Eventually, he reveals that his real name is… BJ. (He’s named after his parents, Bea and Jay.)

  16. GoComics just revamped their layout (yet again). The new format is cleaner, but one detail the removed is the number of “followers”. I hope Bill doesn’t mind a small bit of shameless advertising: last week I noticed that “Cul de Sac” still has over 47000 followers. On the other hand, “Wallace the Brave” is (or was) still limping along with just over 2700 followers. This is an intolerable injustice that needs to be corrected. Go ahead, click on the link!

  17. When GoComics first made the change, there was a way to show the followers. Now, either I can’t find it or they made another change to remove that.

  18. Before the theme change, it seems like I remember Bill saying that the light gray print couldn’t be changed. Is that still true? It’s very hard to read the lighter shades of gray. I have the same trouble on a lot of websites, even in some comics speech bubbles. I think it’s a conspiracy against those of us who can’t see perfectly. Zooming the page helps, but not a lot. Is there any hope here?

  19. Bookworm, there’s a workaround if you’re interested. I put a bookmarklet on my bookmarks toolbar, and when I can’t read a page, I hit it and it zaps all colors, turning the background white and the text black. Instant readability.

    You can find it here:
    it’s the one called ‘zap colors’. Just drag it to your bookmarks toolbar.

  20. Or as I said somewhere in another thread, just drag your cursor over the block of text to highlight it. It creats more contrast.

  21. Is there a vestigial “Like” mechanism, even with the overt buttons turned off? I got an email notification today that someone “liked your comment on Saturday Morning Oy – March 3, 2018” which I think was long after the Like buttons were turned off.

  22. Yes, mine was from Squid also.
    I don’t see a Like button on my page, I’m using my tablet. I’ll have to look on my phone and laptop later.

  23. Oh, I see. I have to “view post in Reader” and then the Like button is there. Thanks, Mitch4. I don’t know if I like this “reader” thing.

  24. Observation: While in Reader mode I “replied” to Terry’s comment on Pizza. It shows up below the comment, indented, as you might expect to see a reply. However, if I go to that post while not in Reader mode, my reply shows up at the bottom of the page like any other comment, it is not associated with the comment I replied to.

  25. Mona above

    While in Reader mode I “replied” to Terry’s comment on Pizza. It shows up below the comment, indented, as you might expect to see a reply.

    [but doesn’t look that way on main site]

    Very briefly and very soon after this new site was activated, the setting for nested reply threads was ON, and went to level 3 of nesting! This was quite confusing, especially for users seeing it on a phone, where the indenting might leave not even the width of a whole word.

    Bill then turned it off (in customizations) which was surely the right decision since the alternative seemed to be illegibility. But I have noticed in email “[New Comment]” notifications that the generated notification sometimes says “in response to CIDU Bill” and quotes the posting top note, before presenting the text of the new reply; but sometimes says “in response to Mark in Boston” (or whoever) and quotes from a comment withing the thread.

    There seem to be a variety of circumstances for this, but maybe one is a person actually replying to a comment via Reader mode?

    Anyway, usually it’s not too hard to track who is talking back to whom, even in the absence of numbering. But perhaps it could be aided in the occasional trickier cases by re-implementing nested comments to a single level only on a test basis. Anyone else interested in seeing this tried out?

  26. I thought I’d point out some interesting results when doing a simple Google search using the term “comicsidontunderstand.com”. Either the first or second result is an old address: https://cidutest.wordpress.com/

    Oddly enough there’s text stating that the site had moved…to comicsidontunderstand.com.

    Might cause a little confusion?

  27. Well, my point had been that it pointed to comicsidontunderstand.com, but since that seems to simply redirect here it isn’t really a problem.

    Never mind then…

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